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Welcome to What are firewalls? At the most basic level of explanation, firewalls function just like a wall in the physical world, providing a barrier between your personal computer and the Internet, preventing illicit connections into your computer from the outside world. Firewalls are important tools because they can help keep your personal computer data safe and prevent potential intruders from exploiting your computer system.

If you are searching for the latest firewall reviews, or are just trying to figure out what a firewall is and does, you have come to the right site. We explain the basics of firewall operation, dispel the most common myths about firewalls and even sprinkle in a bit of firewall humor during the whole process! Learn what the top security programs are to keep your computer safe and protected. And if you ever wanted to know what the difference between a proxy and a packet filter is, we have a page about that too!

Some of my less than techie-savvy friends have asked me why a firewall is so vital to keep your computer safe. Here's an analogy I frequently use to help explain why a firewall is so important:

Computer IntruderSurfing the Internet without some type of firewall is comparable to owning a store where, every night when you close shop and head for home, you leave the cash register full of money, the door unlocked and a neon sign turned on in front flashing "Come On In, Take Whatever You Like!" to passers-by. I doubt you'll find any store in the physical "real" world with the set-up described above. But unfortunately, that's just what an unprotected computer looks like on the internet. It is as obvious as that neon sign "advertising" to the online world saying "Come on in!" Obviously, if you own a store, you have valuable assets you want to protect. And similarly, owning a computer means you likely use it for everything from personal communication to online finance and you therefore want to secure both the machine and the data it contains from unwanted attention. Logically, educating yourself about firewall operation will help you make the best choices to protect your computer. The goal of this site is to assist and inform you in that process.

We welcome your feedback and look forward to educating and entertaining you. If you have any suggestions for site content, please visit our contact page and send your feedback - questions are always welcome too!

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