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All of our current firewall pages are linked below. Please browse and choose the topics that best answer the questions you have on firewalls. If you have any content requests, please visit our contact page and we will be happy to review your ideas!

What is a Firewall? - Finally, the boys in the tech department are getting a little descriptive with their terminology. Like a lot of terms in technology, the name “firewall” comes from an unusual source. The term ... read more

What is a Port? - A port is a communication channel that computers use to send and receive information from other computers. Think of them as doorways ... read more

Packets and Ports - The very backbone of communication between two or more computers is - you guessed it, packets and ports. This region of operation ... read more

Proxy vs Packet Filters - In the world of firewalls, there are two main that may be chosen from - packet filter and proxy firewalls. Packet filters ... read more

Firewall Basics - In the previous sections, we saw how there are many flaws in security when communicating to other computers. Thankfully, the advent ... read more

Intro to IP Addresses - IP addresses are a big factor in firewalls, and also networking in general. As we learned already, every computer ... read more

TCP/IP - OSI Model - Most things in life are standardized. Without a general standardization, things tend to fall into disarray. For instance, imagine if Earth’s population only spoke one language - wouldn’t that be the most efficient ... read more

64 Bit Firewalls - Should the Average Home User Make the Upgrade?
There are four top dogs in the operating system race: Windows, Linux, the Mac, and the litter of the pack - ... read more

Buffer Overflow - A buffer-overflow, loosely defined, is a technique malicious hackers use to compromise the security of a network. These attacks ... read more

The Great Firewall of China - Most of us remember from our history classes that China was home to one of the most jaw-dropping walls ever built - the Great Wall of China. Most history books will most likely neglect to mention China’s ... read more

Common Hacking Techniques - Time is money, and every second a network is down is hazardously cutting into the profits of any small business ... read more

DDOS Attacks - DDOS attacks have become one of the most costly attacks in the world of hacking to date. A DDOS attack, or distributed denial of service, is a form of attack that will seek to ... read more

Firewall Myths - How many times have you heard someone say, “I run Linux, I don’t need a firewall!”? Perhaps more importantly, how many times have you ever heard a Windows user say that? The world of security has grow a little complex ... read more

Firewall Specialists - Few of the most high-paying jobs can be as fun as a firewall specialist’s. They literally get paid to break, crack, and hack their way to understanding vulnerabilities and how to prevent them. Indeed ... read more

Firewall Topology - Just like everything else in the world of networking, firewalls must be incorporated into the right setup to prove any use. Placement ... read more

Hardware vs Software Firewalls - The rule of thumb is that if any computer has a possible connection to another computer, it needs a firewall for protection. This protection comes in two forms: hardware and software. Hardware ... read more

Increasing Network Speeds - Firewalls are commonly known as a security device - but I bet you didn’t know that they could do much more than that! Some of the newer firewalls being developed have support ... read more

Increasing Network Security - The previous section introduced a few oddly useful features of firewalls that increase network performance. ... read more

IP Spoofing - IP spoofing is a process that malicious hackers take advantage of, to cover their tracks during attacks. The basic idea is to make the victim’s computer think it is being attacked by a different computer ... read more

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